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2GB Cloud VPS

Great For Developers

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4GB Cloud VPS

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Affordable Power

Budget friendly cloud powered private servers with extreme flexibility and reliability.

Fully Managed

Our blazing fast cloud servers are fully managed and monitored by our experts.

Deploy Instantly

Your private cloud server will be deployed instantly so you can focus on your business.

On Demand Resources

Instantly add more storage, memory, and power with a click of your mouse. Pay as you grow!

Fast & Easy Cloud Instances With Extreme Flexibility

Easily spin up your own virtual cloud instance to build, manage, and grow your application or business. Complete root access allows for extreme flexibility; you can customize everything to meet your specific needs. Add resources on demand to grow without prolonged downtime or complicated migrations.

Why Hostargo's Managed Cloud?

Cloud technology has grown leaps and bounds over the last decade, but a lot of platforms can be overwhelming and complicated. We strive to provide the ultimate performance and flexibility you need without confusing and time-draining deployments. Within minutes you can have your own Cloud Instance deployed, pre-configured and managed by our Experts team, without paying absurd fees. Whether your building a new app, looking to serve high traffic to your website, or to provide hosting for your clients, we have a fast and easy solution.

Instant Deployment

Deploy your Cloud Instance and be online in minutes. No prolonged setup process.

Premium Resources

Our cloud platform is built leveraging state of the art technology and premium hardware

Scale With Growth

Budget friendly instances that allow immediate room for growth without downtime or migrations.

Easy To Use

Beginner friendly platform without any previous experience required to get started.

All In One Platform

Everything you need to be successful. Multiple control panel options including 1-Click app management.

Expert's Help

Trained server experts available 24x7x365 that are happy to help you ensure you're running with ease.

Which Dedicated Servers Plan Is Right For You?

Dedicated Servers Plans

2GB Cloud VPS
4GB Cloud VPS
6GB Cloud VPS
8GB Cloud VPS
30GB SSD Raid10
60GB SSD Raid10
90GB SSD Raid10
120GB SSD Raid10
2GB Dedicated RAM
4GB Dedicated RAM
6GB Dedicated RAM
8GB Dedicated RAM
CPU Cores
Outgoing Bandwidth
10 TB Outgoing
10 TB Outgoing
10 TB Outgoing
10 TB Outgoing
Operating System
Cent OS 7
Cent OS 7
Cent OS 7
Cent OS 7
Full Root Access
Free SSL (https)
Host Unlimited Domains
cPanel with WHM included
Reseller Control Panel
Multiple PHP Selector
Cloudflare w/Railgun™ Ready
Fully Managed
Free Softaculous License

Frequently Asked Questions

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server meaning that the entire file system of the machine is dedicated to you. Unlike our basic and reseller web hosting packages, all of the disk space, RAM, virtual CPU cores, etc. will be dedicated for your use.

Most of our customers upgrade from our basic web hosting or reseller hosting to a VPS once their website or customer base outgrows their package. If your website begins using up too much of your allocated virtual or physical memory, our technicians will often recommend upgrading to a VPS to allow all of your traffic to be able to access the website.

All of our VPS hosting packages are managed meaning we install, secure, and keep updated the core software. This includes the operating system, CentOS 7, the control panel, Web Host Manager with cPanel, and your database engine, MySQL or MariaDB. We also have a 24/7/365 monitoring team that is on standby to bring your server back online incase of a failure.

The host name of your VPS is completely customized to you. When you deploy the server you will be asked to assign the host name. Most customers use subdomains such as server1.companyname.com or alpha.companyname.com. Your name servers will often share the same domain as your host name meaning they would be ns1.companyname.com and ns2.companyname.com.

No, Hostargo has a very strict, zero tolerance adult hosting policy. We do not allow any content that could be considered adult or R rated.

You will begin to experience many errors across your VPS if you use up all the disk space. All of our VPS hosting packages allow you to instantly upgrade from inside our interface. If you’re on our largest solution, our techs will work with you on an additional solution to manage all of your files.

Yes, all of our Virtual Private Servers come with complete root SSH access.

All of our VPS hosting packages come with 1 dedicated IP address for your private name servers. If you need more, you can purchase them. However, our anti-SPAM and abuse team will have to approve any request greater than 3 IPs. Please note SEO is not a valid reason for additional IPs.

You can host as many as your resources will handle! From our experience, 50,000 daily unique visitors on WordPress won’t cross a 2.5 load with 32GB of RAM.

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